Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the TFC payout 100% of the entry fees?

Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?  We feel that the people that are playing in the tournament should not pay any promotional fee to this or any other organization.  We do not use your money for advertising or promotion of our events.  Your entry fee goes directly into the prize fund for the event that you are playing in.  There are no pretenses that the tournament is anything but a tournament open to all Villages residents for their enjoyment.  Where else can you go on Friday evening and play for ALL the cash?

Why is there no dress code?

The Villages recreation department has established a dress code for the recreation centers in The Villages.  We see no need to improve upon a working system.  As Don Feeney has stated, “Billiards is a beautiful game played by beautiful people.”  Why do we want to improve upon that?

Are these tournaments just for the best players?

We have maintained a policy that any person with a Villages ID can enter our tournaments.

Why is the fee only $10?

We want to make the tournaments affordable to all.  You play in a double-elimination event that others have copied.  Yet if you win with a full field, you get a bigger prize.  Does it make sense to pay just as much for less?

Can I come and observe?

We don’t charge admission.  Come on down and spend some time watching your friends play.  Better yet, bring your stick and enter; it’s only $10.